Make way for the New Facebook “Instant Article”.

Introducing Instant Articles, a new tool for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook. Posted by Facebook Media on Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Facebook has again surprise us with their new feature called “Instant Articles”. A new product for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook. With new way of reading articles online, Facebook definitely has taken the initiative to make media more interesting and entice user to read more with combination of photos, videos and sound which really going to make people read and scroll with interest.  Imagine reading up status on Facebook which interest you, it will make you read until its finish. But with Facebook instant articles, the article that you might feel bored to you, will no longer feel that way. With how fast the stories loads up, interesting photos accompanied with sounds explaining the photos, and videos that play instantly as you scroll, this definitely will make the reading experience more interesting.

Even though some might say that by doing this, Facebook will maintain its dominance and publishers could become ever more dependent on a platform they can’t control, to me it is more like a revolutionary ideas which we should be happy about. It’s like the time when Microsoft start introducing windows, or even Steve Jobs introduce Apple. Not many people knew about it, not many people really care for it, but this two giants keep going strong until today. Facebook in the other hand, trying to revolutionize social interaction in a different perspective and Instant Article is one of them.

For me as writer and a reader, I am thoroughly excited on where will this go to and hopefully there will be more surprise underway for us and also readers out there. Instant Articles is launching on Facebook for iPhone with a special set of stories published by The New York Times, Buzz Feed, National Geographic, NBC and The Atlantic.

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